We at PCV hand over plots as per the interest of the clients. And as the name suggests, the plots are of a cost that one can afford. These are easily ready- to- buy plots all across Tamil Nadu and in certain cases to discretion depending on the need of the client. The business here is to buy and sell plots. This situation is advantageous to clients in many ways
1. The clients directly deals with us and there is no broker involved
2. The land is purchased from a reputed company
3. As PCV sells the land, all papers are clear and intangible.
4. Surprisingly a piece of land from a sought- after area could also be sold.

Residential plots

Across Tamil Nadu, we facilitate your purchase of residential plots as per your required dimensions. Even since the advent of apartments and colonies which is a make for sharing, man still makes sure his generation is born with a piece of land. This craze for an own residency is everlasting and indeed it makes one feel majestic and dignified. PCV is happy to take you to such heights as you can take them at a cost you can bear.

Commercial plots

Commercial lands are sold out for commercial objective in uses like offices, industries, factories etc. These spaces are generally larger in area than the residential ones. They vary between acres and hectares. Commercial spaces are obtained from assorted owners who own small pieces of land that would later form the big show. Thereby there is less or no difficulty from our client side in the purchase of the commercial land as the wholesome land is realized like eating a piece of cake.